3 playlists that will boost your mood


Songs work like magic when you are in a bad mood. There are songs that can boost your mood in an instant. Throughout the day we go through lots of hassles and the following playlists can work like wonder.

Magic- ColdPlay

This song is from the 6th album of the British band ColdPlay. It is the beat of the song and the instruments used that makes this song so appealing. ‘Magic’ has received very high remarks from the critics as well. There is the use of guitar, piano and electric drum beats. The video is outstanding as well. The song is centered around a stage magician who performs at a circus along with her partner. It’s a great song to listen to.

FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

It is a soft and acoustic track. The song highlights the melody sung beautifully by West and Rihanna. The instrumentation is great and the vocals are outstanding. Paul has shown his talent by playing the guitar on the background flawlessly. The song has no club beat or thumping; it’s more like a hybrid of rock, fook and country music. You will have a good feeling listening to it.

7/11 –Beyonce

This song is a mix of rap and hip-hop and it’s quite different from Beyonce’s other songs. It has an upbeat tempo that can make you feel like dancing. The lyrics of the song will push you to your feet and get you in the mood to be at a dance club.

So, next time you are feeling down or pressurized with the workload, you can listen to these playlists to boost your mood. It will make you feel relaxed and happy.

4 reasons why country music is popular

Every genre of music has its uniqueness. But country music is something special. It makes you smile and feel happy. Country music is quite popular, especially in America. Here are the reasons why people are fond of this type of music.

It’s easy to sing along

When you listen to any music, you try to sing along. Unlink other types of music, country music is very easy to follow. You can sing it while driving or taking a bath. When friends gather together, they can sing along and have fun.

It’s versatile

Country songs are very versatile. It can be slow or fast; so anyone can enjoy it. Both the dance numbers and the slow songs are popular in case of country music.

The concerts are fun

Country music concerts usually take place in summer. So, people enjoy the live music wearing tank tops and holding cold beer. The country music singers are very talented and they are outstanding performers. They will create a magical environment for the audiences.

The lyrics are lovely

Country music has beautiful lyrics. Most of the songs tell about first loves, heartbreak, patriotism, etc. that you can relate to. So, it gives a sweet feeling listening to these songs.

We have seen many successful country singers over the past years. They have made this genre of music popular to the people around the world. Country music is a popular genre of music and they always make it to the top charts.

4 interesting things Adele revealed about herself in her latest interview

Adele is one of the most popular artists of today’s generation. She has millions of fan followings and has received a number of prestigious music awards. She has recently given an exclusive interview to a magazine and these are some of the interesting things she said about herself.

She believes that motherhood is difficult

She had a son when she was at the peak of her career and she believes that it was a brave thing to do. But she also admits that motherhood isn’t easy. It stops you from doing what you really want to do. She feels the pressure and wonders if she had the chance to do as she pleased. She doesn’t want to have more children in future and make her life more difficult.

She doesn’t shave her legs regularly

She is not concerned about shaving her legs like the other performers. There were many times she performed on stage wearing clothes revealing her unshaven legs. But it doesn’t bother her.

She is not obsessed with money and she hates people who are

Money is not very important to her. She believes that people shouldn’t go after money; instead, they should do jobs that they enjoy. She enjoys being creative and doing nice things.

She is trying to quit smoking and drinking

She believes that smoking and drinking are harmful for health. She has managed to quit smoking and trying to limit her alcohol consumption as well.

Now you know more about how Adele is as a person. She is very frank and likes to lead a life in a normal way. She loves her fans and sings for them. Many people will be able to get inspiration from her in leading a good life.